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As the  exclusive provider of news for the ZapLife platform, we at Ovis, are excited to welcome you to our fast-growing community!

Join the Ovis movement dedicated to ending fake news by ensuring reporters and their stories are trusted, verifiable and accountable to "WE THE PEOPLE."

Hear From ZapLife CEO

We’ve partnered with ZapLife because we both share a common mission: Revolutionizing the world!  ZapLife is disrupting social media while Ovis is doing the same to the corporate media. Together we are creating a people-powered, digital revolution that centered around high-quality and authentic content and grounded in truth, transparency and diversity.

Step 1 Watch How Ovis Works

              Members Exclusive Benefits


All ZapLife members are pre-qualified for automatic acceptance into the exclusive Ovis Inaugural Club!  This special group will receive bonus cryptocurrency, reward-sharing and other privileges that won’t be afforded to anyone else.

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