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Ovis Membership Clubs

Ovis offers two simple memberships. The first is free, the other is about the cost of a cup of coffee.

General Member
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Become a General Member

Join as a General Member for free!   This membership allows  you to:

Help hold reporters and their stories accountable to the truth

Receive free TRUTH tokens to get started

Buy more TRUTH tokens when you want 

Engage with the Ovis community

Help end the pervasive problem of fake news and media bias

Access member-only virtual events and in-person events (when COVID-19 restrictions lift)

Inaugural Member
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Upgrade to an Inaugural Member

Join the waitlist to become an Inaugural Member.  Those accepted into this special, early-bird membership tier  will receive complimentary TRUTH tokens each month and 75% off the Ovis membership dues for life!    There are a limited number of spots, and they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Elite status and recognition

Highest rewards sharing bonuses

A monthly deposit of complimentary TRUTH Tokens 

Special Voting Powers

Highest “earn as you learn” rate

Lifetime discount on membership dues & merchandise

Complimentary upgrades at conferences, hotels and events 

Inaugural Member only events

Backstage passes


Club Benefits

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