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Put a light on what matters

By Alexia

Being apart of OVIS is being apart of news that values the truth and making a difference in our communities. I find that much news that circulates our media is more focused on the drama and rumors we hear about certain topics. Stories as such fuel the spread of fake new and give the feelings of hopelessness and frustration. OVIS has helped me learn to acknowledge, appreciate and talk about the good things that do happen within our communities and give more light to them. I believe OVIS is an innovation within the field of journalism and media and I am excited to be an intern during these times!


How to submit a story idea

By Panai

Story ideas can be suggested by going to the website and signing into your account. Then you click on the Ovis It! Hayward icon on the left of the screen. After clicking on it you can write a submission title, a summary of the topic you wish to be covered and choose an emoji that corresponds to your idea. When done all you have to do is click the submit button and you will be able to see your story idea on the leaderboard and be able to vote on it.


The stories being pitched reflect our community’s desire to make a difference

By Nicole

As I have spent time working and meeting with members of the Hayward community, I have recognized what type of news people really want. The stories people are pitching and upvoting deal with local issues that rarely get any coverage. Many good points are being brought up regarding the dangers of local traffic, sea level rise, lack of accommodation for diet restrictions in restaurants, and more! As OVIS members pitch more stories that get written, we develop strength, truth, and knowledge for our

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