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OVIS is a Community for All

Unveiling the OVIS Experience and Connecting with the Hayward Community

What OVIS Means to Me

By Panai

The role that OVIS plays in my life is being my first job, so this is all new to me. But so far it has been very interesting to learn some of the processes of journalism. I found it important to choose a job that is meaningful not only to myself but to

others. OVIS allows people in the community to directly express what’s important to them. It also gives people the chance to tell their story the way that they want it to be told. I’m looking forward to continuing this process and seeing what it brings next and expanding my knowledge of all that OVIS Newslab has to offer.

Behind the Scenes of OVIS

By Nicole

While interviewing for my NewsLab Internship position in July, Linton Johnson, the founder of OVIS explained what OVIS stood for. He expressed that OVIS stands for, “Orcas Versus the Immoral Sharks,” a metaphor displaying the fight for truth in news. He continued, describing his resentment towards Sharks. Ironically, I absolutely love sharks and have since I was little. At this point during the interview I worried that maybe I was a bad fit as I am fascinated with the animal that the founder despises. But despite my love for sharks, I have felt nothing but love and support from the OVIS team.

OVIS Spotlight - What OVIS Has Taught Me About Communications

By Alexia

OVIS has definitely taught me about staying in close communication with everyone I’m working with and understanding how this frequent communication between each other makes completing tasks much smoother. I’ve brought this lesson with me outside of OVIS, especially as a freshman in college, as I have taken time outside of class to create connections with my professors and peers. Communication is ingrained in our online world and it helps us all stay connected and move forward as communities. In addition, the prioritization of the truth and perspectives of others. Since interning with OVIS, I have taken this lesson with me in the work I do online and in speech, remaining truthful and authentic in my stories and lessons with others but also being able to open others to different perspectives and let them decide what their own truth will be.

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Linton Johnson
Linton Johnson
Nov 04, 2023

we have the best interns!

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