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First 100 Club
Invest some time. Earn lots of rewards!



We’re building something special. The launch of the Ovis Pilot platform is around the corner.  Once the doors open, the first 100 people who give us feedback on the platform will become instant First 100 Club Members and enjoy a lifetime of special privileges, recognition and rewards!  Membership is free!

What is Ovis?

Ovis is the place where the community rewards journalists for telling the truth and holds them accountable for spreading misinformation and fake news. Ovis is the future of news - where we the people are in control of the news, instead of the news controlling the people.

What is the First 100 Club?

Members of the First 100 Club are at the forefront of building Ovis - the Future of News. By spending some time testing the Ovis Pilot Platform they will receive a lifetime of recognition and rewards.


Those who are in this exclusive club are some of the most passionate about ending fake news and incentivizing the truth. They believe the current ratings and clicks business model the news corporations use is broken. They are fed up with how misinformation is destroying our faith in the news and each other. 

How Do I Become a First 100 Club Member?

Becoming a First 100 Club member is free, fun and easy!  The first 100 people to engage with the community,  test the interactive Ovis platform, and offer their feedback through a few simple surveys automatically become First 100 Club Members. More specific details to come.

What are the Benefits to Being a First 100 Club Member?

The benefits of becoming a First 100 Club member will never be offered again.   Members will receive the following recognition and rewards after the official public launch. Click here to see the list of benefits.

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