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First 100 Club Member Benefits

The benefits of becoming a First 100 Club member will never be offered again. Membership is free and members will receive the following recognition and rewards after the official public launch:

Free OVIS News Membership   
Enjoy 2 years of free base-level membership followed by 10% off for the life of your membership. 

Tie Breaker Vote   
The OVIS community will have the power to vote on hiring and firing journalists,  board members and executives. They can also set community standards.  Sometimes there will be a tie.  You will have the power to help break it.

Unlimited TRUTH Tokens

During testing, enjoy unlimited TRUTH tokens, which are what the community uses to incentivize truth-telling, vote on which ideas should become news stories and decide community rules.

TRUTH Token Discount  
The OVIS community will vote with their TRUTH tokens.  While you receive an allotment of complimentary tokens with your membership,  you will receive 50% off a one-time purchase of additional ones.

Seat at the Table

Enjoy private First 100 Club meetings, meals and backstage passes with Linton, Advisory Board & core team. 

Special First 100 Club NFT

Receive a complimentary NFT that both recognizes your special place in history and preserves it and the above benefits on the immutable blockchain.

Legacy Gifting  
Pass your special First 100 Club NFT status to your heirs.  They will receive all the membership benefits you have.

Inaugural Member Benefis

Become a First 100 Club Member

Connect with OVIS staff to learn more about our exclusive club, which is reserved for the first 100 people to successfully sign-up and test the OVIS platform. First 100 Club members will receive benefits and rewards never to be offered again.

And It's Free!


Image by Jack Finnigan

Hear from one of our community members.

Watch the video below to learn more about OVIS and what our users think about us.

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