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Pioneer Club Members

Pioneer Club members are the disruptors. They’ve had enough with misinformation and fake news. They joined the Ovis community to help build the future of news, by throwing out the corporate news machine and create something radically better.

We the people of the Ovis community value truth, accountability, transparency, equality, diversity, and democracy. We believe that when all these values work in harmony, our community will thrive both socially and economically.

Pioneer Club

Each member of the Pioneer Club receives:

  • Free one-year membership to the Ovis Community 

  • The highest percentage tier in the Ovis Rewards Pool

  • Early access to the OVIS Platform

Membership Levels 

  • Superstar - $10,000 (Full Position)

  • Fighter - $2,500 (25% position)

  • Champion - $500 (5% position)

  • Friend - $99 (1% position)

By joining the Pioneer Club, you will be showing your support for the movement to end fake news by incentivizing the truth. 


There will only be 100 positions available in the Pioneer Club but fractional positions are available. 

Choose Your Membership Level

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