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What is Ovis? Our People, Achievement and Future.


Denys S.

Jul 12, 2021

Misinformation and fake news allow some writers and corporate giants to profit and potentially influence public opinion. We all have a responsibility to address this issue. We, the people of Ovis, are dedicated to changing a corrupted media system by creating a people-powered, decentralized media network with a singular focus - incentivizing the truth.

People no longer trust the corporate media because they put profits, ratings and clicks before truth. The public is tired of social media companies dictating what they see and read while

profiting from their data. Frustration is rising and government transparency is threatened. Many tech giants and online platforms are aware of the problem and yet, no one is doing anything to stop it.

The problem is too big and complex to “solve.” The only alternative is to move to a new paradigm by building a system that will change the news world and return power to the people. Blockchain technology is a part of that new system and allows Ovis to create opportunities that incentivize the truth and ensure news is accurate, trusted, verified, and transparent.

What are our achievements and plans for the future?

Since September 2020, Ovis has worked hard to establish important partnerships, including the ZapLife platform that led to the production of multiple shows exploring the importance of fact-checking. Another significant achievement is the grants obtained from Google, Microsoft and the Oakland African-American Chamber of Commerce, which we will put toward expanding our team.

We, the people of Ovis, believe in a new, decentralized media organization powered by the people. For the next ninety days, we will be working on expanding our fact-checking team and bringing on board new journalists and verified users to join our Ovis community. Ultimately, we will start a legislative process to restore trust in the media and to revive the FCC Fairness Doctrine.

The time is now! Join a community dedicated to empowering and rewarding those who commit to total transparency and accuracy in gathering, writing, and publishing fact-checked news and information. Join Ovis.

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