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The World’s First Blockchain Powered News Network Moves to the UX Network


Ariel Mercado

Sep 14, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA –  Ovis, the world’s first blockchain-powered, decentralized news network, announced today that it will be moving to the UX Network.   Ovis’ mission is to end fake news and media bias by incentivizing the truth.

“We’re excited about joining the Antelope community,” Ovis founder Linton Johnson said. “ We’ve been following the progress made over the last year and we feel Antelope’s technology and the community are perfect fits for Ovis.”

On December 26 at 8 pm PST, Ovis began testing its blockchain technology on the Binance testnet.  “We decided to move to the UX network because it’s significantly faster, more secure and best of all, there are no transaction fees for our users.” Chief Development Officer Domenic Thomas said.  “Additionally, the IBC protocol allows for interoperability with any existing blockchain.”

“This migration to the UX Network will allow the Ovis community to achieve its mission to shift the balance from a ratings and profit driven media to one solely focused on the truth,” Johnson said. “Ovis is the place where we the people have total control of what we see and hear, not the six major media corporations.”


The mission of the Ovis community is to end fake news and misinformation  by incentivizing the truth. Ovis, a division of Opes Media LLC, is a decentralized media network operating in a tokenized environment on the blockchain.  Any Ovis community member has the opportunity to function as a journalist, a fact-checker, a news consumer, token holder or all four.  Learn more at

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