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How Ovis is Combating Fake News Through Blockchain

Ovis establishes a democratic media system by giving community members the power to directly influence story selection, fact accuracy, and editorial objectivity. Blockchain and cryptocurrency ensure the trustworthiness of this method without the need for a profit driven foundation.


Denys S.

Sep 28, 2022

As blockchain gains trustworthiness in the marketplace, it can be used in many innovative ways. Ovis is the world’s first blockchain-based, independent media platform to join the fight against fake news.

In the modern world, the problem of fake news, which includes misinformation, manipulation of information, and editorial bias, is massive. Whether it is deep fakes used by social media or little snippets shared via online channels.

The salaciousness and exaggeration of articles and content based on fake information often attract more viewers than truthful news. This is a benefit to advertisers and numbers, but an issue for public discourse. People need to be aware that misinformation will only continue to accelerate.

There are multiple advanced ways in which news can be manipulated. Being able to track authenticity is highly valuable.

Ovis aims to preserve the integrity of media by using blockchain and cryptocurrency. This ensures the trustworthiness of news sources without the need for a profit driven foundation.

Ovis provides members of its community with the opportunity to directly participate in the news they are consuming. It allows members to vote on story selection, fact accuracy, and editorial objectivity.

The Ovis crypto - TRUTH Token is used to upvote story ideas and suggestions to the Ovis constitution. At Ovis, we believe community members should not only have power over content but should also be able to suggest ways to improve the platform. This establishes a strong democratic system within the Ovis community and restores the core values of journalism.

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