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Ovis aims to restore public trust in the news with a revolutionary business model that incentivizes the truth and ends fake news


Linton J.

Jan 28, 2021

JAN 28, 2020, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA - This Valentine’s Day, those who love democracy and hate fake news, can take action to end the misinformation campaigns that are destroying America - for just two cents.

For just two cents, the world will be able to join the Ovis community. Ovis is a San Francisco Bay Area based blockchain start-up, whose mission is to restore the public’s trust in the news. On Valentine’s Day, Ovis will unveil Phase I of its game-changing media platform, which will ensure all stories are verified, accurate and accountable to the community.


Ovis is using blockchain technology to reinvent the entire news gathering process. Ovis recognizes that the current news media model is broken. But instead of trying to fix it, Ovis is reinventing it.

“What we’re doing is truly revolutionary, it’s Journalism 2.0,” Ovis founder Linton Johnson says. “For the first time in human history, not only do we now have the technology to prove that every word our journalists write is verifiable, accurate and trusted, we can also use the technology to hold journalists accountable to the people they serve - the Ovis community.”


Starting at 12:00 pm PST on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020, those who love America, but hate fake news should make a date with Ovis and join the community starting at just two-cents.

“For your two-cents, you will get a digital token,” Johnson said. “That token is powerful because it allows the community, not an elite group of out-of-touch editors, to call the shots. As a member of the Ovis community, you can use your tokens to vote on everything from what stories journalists should cover daily to which reporters are the most objective. At Ovis, everybody has a say - everybody gets to give their two-cents.”

Ovis is looking to raise $375,000 from the sale of the tokens. Ovis plans to use the money to launch Phase II of the platform. Unlike other token sales, where token holders wait years for the platform to go live, Ovis community members will be able to use their tokens immediately.

“Your two cents matters!“ Johnson said. “During the Phase II rollout, our token holders can vote on everything from what platform features they want to where they want to hold our first annual convention.”

Johnson is a graduate of Northwestern University's prestigious Medill School of Journalism. He spent the last 30 years as a veteran television anchor on NBC and communications executive. He started Ovis because he was sick and tired of profits driving newsroom decisions.

“I remember the days when TV networks didn’t care whether their newsrooms lost money, they simply cared about the truth,” Johnson said. “Then came the explosion of social media and fake news. Suddenly, shareholders started demanding newsrooms pursue profits, not facts. Today, news outlets that have a clear political bent simply to drive up ratings. As a result, public trust in the media is at historic lows.”


With the 2020 elections just months away, the need for the revolutionary Ovis’s news platform couldn’t be more urgent and timely.

“Objective, fact-based journalism is critical to a well-functioning democracy,” said Johnson. “What we’re doing to restore the public’s trust in the media is unprecedented,” Johnson said. From story selection, to fact verification, to even how the news is delivered, we have decentralized the power of the media elite and put it in the hands of everyday people. Ovis is news for the people, by the people and of the people. Ovis is the news reimagined. Ovis is Journalism 2.0.”

Media Contact:

Elsa Ramon

‪(801) 810-6847‬

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