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Ovis Launches the “TRUTH” Token to Fund Game-Changing Platform to Restore Public Trust in Journalism


Linton J.

Nov 19, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA: This Valentine’s Day,  an excited community of people began making dates with Ovis to share their love for the truth.

Ovis, a San Francisco Bay Area-based, blockchain-powered start-up released its one-of-a-kind “TRUTH” Token.”  The TRUTH token, backed by Ethereum, can currently be purchased for two cents.

With two cents, those who cherish democracy and hate fake news can now help the not-for-profit company build a decentralized media network that promises to end the misinformation campaigns that are destroying America.

“We’re excited so many people are purchasing the TRUTH token and joining the fight against fake news,” said Ovis founder Linton Johnson.  “In just a week leading up to the TRUTH token’s release, had more than 23,000 unique visitors. It’s clear there is a groundswell of people looking for a way to engage in a community dedicated to spreading the truth.”

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Ovis community and not only to fund the buildout of this cool new project but also to use my tokens to help shape the future of Ovis,” token holder Ryan Harris of Hayward, CA says. “I’m frustrated because I can’t tell whether the news I’m reading is real or fake.  I also feel helpless to do anything about it.  Once the platform is complete, I will be able to take part in the process to ensure stories are accurate, fair, and truthful as well as hold journalists accountable who act in bad faith.”

Ovis TRUTH token holders have a tremendous amount of power and influence.  Not only are they able to help fund the buildout of the Ovis media network, but they can also use their tokens immediately to vote on critical pre-launch decisions.

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