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Do you trust ME(dia)?


Denys S.

Jul 12, 2021

Have you been fooled by misinformation or a fake article recently? Can you tell which one of these web pages or posts is fake and which one is real? Even if you think you’re immune to it, you may be wrong because detecting what’s fake is only getting harder.

Social media has become an increasingly popular source of news. However, with the rise of “fake news,” credibility and truth are being questioned and news consumers are left on their own to determine which news is real and which is fake. Social media companies have the ability to manipulate and dictate the news we receive and then profit from our data. This clearly leads to widespread distrust and frustration toward social media.

According to the Gallup Poll, trust in the media is at historical lows. Sixty percent of Americans distrust mass media.

Today, we have the right tools to stop the spread of fake news. That is why we created Ovis, a company that incentivizes the truth and returns power to the people by enabling them to hold the media accountable in a way that’s simple, engaging and fun!

The only way to solve the problem of an old system of media is to leave it behind and move to the new paradigm – decentralized media organization. Our plan for the next couple of years is to decentralize every part of Ovis, which means turning the entire system of news flow over to the people, without a central power.

It is your turn to make an impact. By becoming a part of the Ovis community, you can earn real money by doing something that can change the world of media.

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