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Jeff Johnson


Professionally, Mr. Johnson is a seasoned Bay Area technology professional who has succeeded at many roles helping to grow enterprise software companies as his career has progressed.

Starting as a developer and consultant, Jeff’s career has taken him on an unusual journey. To date it includes a stint in product management, joining the founding team of a very successful startup, helping to establish customer success as an industry standard discipline and career path with the likes of TSIA, building and leading global teams focused on revenue optimization and customer delight, and overall excellence in GTM execution.

Personally, Jeff is someone who values candidness, truth and efficiency. As Linton’s husband, he has seen first-hand the evolution of journalism, news and the ways technology is having an impact on the way the human population accesses and processes information. The archaic systems, technology and processes that are in place to deal with the nearly universal access to information are completely incapable of handling today’s challenges. For this reason, Jeff is committed to helping the Ovis Foundation find reasonable solutions to bringing the truth to light for everyone.

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