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Blockchain Basics

Learn more about the blockchain technology and how you can be a part of the revolution.

Ovis uses blockchain to disrupt journalism and combat fake news!

Ovis community incentivises truth by using the revolutionary technology called Token Curated Registry . The community members cannot spread misinformation or fake news  by staying anonymous. Our community thrives on news that is trusted, verifiable and accountable. 

Earn free Bitcoin while shopping online!

A company called Lolli has adopted the model where they give free crypto to their customers when ever they shop on their website. 

Learn why blockchain & journalism are the perfect cocktail.

Journalism and blockchain share the same virtue and values of accountability, transparency and decentralisation.  Ovis uses these attributes of blockchain to incentivises the truth and shifts the paradigm within the journalism industry. 

Ovis Vision

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Linton Johnson describes what Ovis is about.

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Crypto ATM installations will continue to grow.

Since 2016, seven hundred percent growth has been observed when it comes to installation of crypto ATM worldwide. They are here to stay and are definitely shaping the paradigm of how financial transactions will look in the future.

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