By joining the Ovis community, and purchasing our' "Truth Token" today,  you will help us build a decentralized, crowd-verified, trusted media platform that millions can use to ensure the objective truth is reported.  


Every aspect of your Ovis community is of the people, by the people and for the people. Once the platform is built, the Truth Token, powered by blockchain technology will allow the Ovis community to ensure journalists and their stories are trusted, verifiable and accountable to the people they serve.


Your two cents matters! The initial cost of each token starts at just two cents. This funding helps your Ovis community in two critical ways:

CREATING COMMUNITY STANDARDS: By using your tokens to vote, you will give your two cents on matters as simple as what website features you want to see to more complex issues such as what stories journalists should cover, which community's standards journalists must follow or even executive and community compensation.

PLATFORM BUILDOUT:  When you purchase tokens you will participate in the Ovis Seed Funding Round to fund:

  • The design and build of an improved community-focused website and Integrate the ZAPtheory technology to ensure financial transparency and accountability.

  • Secure marketing, research and community outreach firms to help Ovis begin raising money for the next fundraising rounds and expanding the Ovis truth-seeking community.

  • Begin the process of integrating other critical blockchains required to ensure journalists and their stories are verifiable, transparent and accountable to the Ovis truth-seeking community.

The Ovis mission is to restore the public's trust and faith in the news.  We have reinvented journalism to ensure that each and every Ovis approved story is trusted, verifiable and accountable.  Ovis is the news re-imagined. Ovis is journalism 2.0. 

Once we have the funding to complete the project (the community will ultimately make the decision on the final design and operation).


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