There are many ways in which individuals are able to interact via the Ovis Token ecosystem. Below are three uses cases which best exemplify how token holders interact within the Ovis community.

If Users Validate:

a submission Davis has also upvoted, he earns back his token plus a percentage of all forfeited tokens.

If Users Invalidate:

a submission Davis has upvoted, he forfeits his staked token.

Through reading and voting within the community, Davis helps improve overall news accuracy while also earning tokens.



A 52-year-old news consumer from New York.  Seeks news about the 2020 presidential election.  Upset about inaccurate news in the 2016 election.

Davis signs up for a trial period at Ovis and likes what he sees.  He joins the community and begins consuming and curating news.

By purchasing additional tokens, Davis can now either vote on a news submission or suggest a news  item he feels should be covered.

Justin has written a news article he wants to submit to Ovis about the 2020 election

Justin purchases tokens and submits his article.  He must stake one token while awaiting curation and validation.

A 28-year-old journalist from Hong Kong who seeks to publish a breaking news story about the 2020 election. 



If Users Invalidate:

Justin would forfeit his
staked token.

If Users Validate:

within hours Justin is notified and he receives back half of his staked token.

Quickly the global Ovis community has curated his article and decided to validate it for publication.

If Users Validate:

Arina gets back her token and a percentage of the forfeited tokens because she also upvoted.

If Users Invalidate:

Arina would forfeit her staked token because she did not vote with the supermajority.



A 19-year-old female from Armenia who seeks to join the Ovis community.

Arina visits the Ovis website and after reading some content decides to become a curating member of the community.

Arina purchases initial tokens and begins reading and curating article submissions. She votes to validate Justin’s submission.

By helping to validate an article with the Ovis community Arina’s activity has earned her an additional token percentage.


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