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Linton Johnson

President and Executive Director

Linton Johnson is the founder of Ovis and the Chief Visionary Officer. He’s also an award-winning journalist and communications executive as well as an entrepreneur with a passion for computer technology, people and planes.

In December 2021, Johnson launched the world’s first blockchain powered news network, which allows everyday people to end fake news by incentivizing the truth.

Johnson has a long tradition of starting up successful media organizations. He created and launched San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District TV (BARTtv) - the transit industry’s first-ever multimedia online television station. Additionally, Johnson was recently honored for launching the Northwestern News Network (NNN) - - Northwestern University's flagship, student-run television station. Under his leadership, both BARTtv and NNN have won multiple Emmys and other awards.

Johnson spent more than 30 years as a communications executive, and an award-winning primetime anchor, investigativereporter/producer, and writer for NBC and ABC news stations as well as a radio personality popular stations in Arizona and France.

Johnson graduated with a B.A. in journalism from Northwestern University’s prestigious Medill School of Journalism, which is the nation’s top journalism school.

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