After a two-decade career, television journalist Elsa Ramon left the corporate media world after learning about blockchain technology. Watch her story about why she joined the Ovis community with a mission to restore public trust in the news.

Watch the video to find out why former NBC Bay Area News reporter Traci Grant left the corporate media behind and is now a member of  the Ovis community.

Watch what photojournalist Michael Filson has to say about why he left the corporate media to join the Ovis community.


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Ovis Advisor and Thoracic Surgeon

“I met Linton Johnson at the very beginning of college as he was embarking upon his career at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern.


The raw talent, drive for integrity, and the relentless pursuit of what was true and beneficial to society is what set Linton apart. His career after college launched spectacularly and thereafter was varied and frustrating. Linton veered away from journalism as the field seemed to lose its identity.


Ovis represents the essence of journalism in the modern era and is aptly led and created by Linton. My involvement here is to simply enable Linton to do what he set out to do as a wide-eyed idealist in college.  He has what it takes, the team has been built the right way, and Ovis is the product of unbridled truth.”


Former Northwestern University journalism Professor

“I believe people have a right to know what is happening in their
community and their world – the right to know the truth. However, the
flood of information streaming into society under the pretense of
journalism makes it hard to decipher the truth from fake news. Ovis
News provides a remarkable and refreshing solution that fosters truth
and restores the core values of journalism."


Co-Founder, Myauthentico lnfoservices pvt ltd.

“As a co founder of an online company that sought to provide authenticity in real estate, I value a reliable & authentic news source.  In today’s time where you can’t trust newspapers and TV news any longer, I find Ovis to be a viable, trustworthy welcome option.”


Avid News Consumer & Blockchain Expert

“Ovis is a Revolution within a Revolution.  The world will be unrecognizable in the next five years due to blockchain technology.  Ovis is at the epicenter of this Revolution.  Trustworthy, accurate and verifiable news and content isn't merely a slogan.  It is a reality.  And it will have a profoundly positive impact on society.  It is an honor and privilege to be a part of this magnificent team.”


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